Novo Estilo da Vida – Apr. 15/16, 2018

Novo Estilo da Vida – Apr. 15/16, 2018

Novo Estilo da Vida – Apr. 15/16, 2018

Specialized Sports Training Workshops

Featuring: Jean Silva da Costa from Novo Estilo da Vida
Sunday, April 15, 2018 and Monday, April 16, 2018
Capoeira Oregon studio
9955 SW Beaverton Hillsdale Hwy #230
Pricing details and workshop schedule to be announced soon

Course Objectives
• Improvement in physical and specific performance for Capoeira and related activities (gymnastics, dance, martial arts.
• Prevention of Capoeira-related injuries (spine, hip and knee).
• Specific stretches for Capoeira.
• Cardiac monitoring and physical evaluation for 3 students (Courtesy)


Novo Estilo da Vida (New Lifestyle)
From Florianolopolis, SC Brasil

The New Lifestyle has provided fitness consulting and facilities for 10 years in Brazil. The NEV methodology of teaching is the main foundation of their. This methodology is a mix of various modalities such as Functional Training, Animal Movement, Natural Gymnastics, Matt Pilates, Five Konzept, Core Training, Knesio Tape, and Myofascial Release.

Founder and President of NEV, Jean Silva da Costa, will be here at the Capoeira Oregon facilities on April 15/16, 2018 to provide both public and personalized fitness training for athletes participating in capoeira and related Brazilian sport and dance activities. While his focus here is to help us improve physically specifically to training capoeira, these workshops are open to non Capoeira students with a cross training and physical fitness objective.

Jean has professional training in Physical Education and Sports Management and has extensive experience capoeira and surfing but is a lover and scholar of all sports. He has also graduated in the capoeira school Aú (1996-2006) and later in Abadá Capoeira (2007 to 2012). Some of his past clients include:

• World Champion Motocrosss 2015 (glen Helen USA) = Richard Berois
• Vice Motocross World Champion 2016 (glen Helen- USA) = Luciano
• Vice Motocross World Champion 2016 (glen Helen USA) = Richard Berois
• Vice Motocross World Champion 2017 (glen Helen USA) = Richard Berois
• Argentine Motocross Champion 2012 = Joaquin Poli
• Vice Champion (TUF BRAZIL 3) UFC 2014 = Marcio Lioto
• Blue-fight champion, Floripa Fight, Tavares Combat (2012 – 2015) = Alexandre Cidade
• Catarinense three-time professional bodyboarder = Raquel Freidrich
• Ecuador – San Cristobal – Galapagos Islands-2013
• Costa Rica- Guanacaste -2014

The format for Sunday will be a combination of group classes as well as preschedule individual or family appointments for custom work unique to your body, your sport, and your available time to devout to fitness.

Please check this site again soon as more details will be posted soon.

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