Martial Arts, Music & Dance


  • Martial Arts: Kicking and dodging with gymnastic/acrobatic movements together with jui-jitsu style take-downs.
  • Fitness: Each class works a wide range of muscle groups while increasing your range of motion and flexibility.
  • Culture: Rich in Brazilian and Afro-Brazilian cultures. Capoeira means learning the music, dance and language behind the art.

Capoeira Oregon offers a structured curriculum to teach the martial art of capoeira. Our contemporary style of capoeira combines movement from all forms of capoeira such as Angolan and Regional. Through our comprehensive approach each student will not only learn the movements, kicks, and dodges of capoeira, but also will learn to play the instruments of capoeira music. As a result our students learn about not just the sport itself but also the culture that surrounds it.

Capoeira Oregon is an affiliate Capuraginga school under the general direction of Mestre Loka and Mestrando Mago.

Who Can Do It?

Just about everyone. Capoeira develops many abilities and almost everyone will accelerate in one area of another whether it be acrobatics, music, kicking, language, or footwork.

Some students begin training as early as 4 or 5 years. Other capoeiristas have trained well into their 70’s and 80’s, and then some. It’s less about your age and your current physical ability, its more about your desire and discipline.

Why Do Capoeira?

Great physical fitness.

Martial arts skills. Capoeira helps you find the right balance of things

Extended communities worldwide.

Flexibility and coordination; sharpens focus and alertness.

Cultural experience. Learn culture and language of Brazil.

We provide a safe and comfortable environment for beginners who have never seen this sport as well as for students with years of experience. Call today to schedule for your introductory class and get acquainted. Our school is located in Beaverton but also serves west Portland and surround communities.  Contact Us in the form below or call 503-608-7772 today.

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