Kids’ Capoeira at Capoeira Oregon – Body of Brazil

Kids are natural capoeiristas.  Their world close to the ground is a place of cartwheels, handstands, and tumbling.  

Capoeira adds structure and focus to many of the things your kids will do naturally.  Through capoeira kids will grow into stronger, more coordinated young adults with greater self confidence and abilities to solve problems. 

Our kids program for ages 7 to 11 combines music with gymnastics, dance and martial arts to provide children with strength building, coordination development, and focus.  We also emphasize good character development through the cultivation of respect, humility, and cooperation.

At the Capoeira Oregon – Body of Brazil we have an introductory curriculum for kids ages 7 to 11.  Check out our 2-week introductory special to give you and your child the opportunity to experience capoeira for yourself.